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Turkey: new visa rules for 2014

New visa rules in TurkeyTravellers visiting Turkey on or after 10 April 2014 will need to buy a Turkish visa online before they arrive in the country.

A new e-visa in Turkey costs $20 (US) per person and allows visitors to enter the country as many times as they want over 180 days from the date that it’s issued.

If you have a holiday home in Turkey, it’s important to remind your guests about the new visa so they don’t get caught out when they arrive.

How to apply for an e-visa

Travellers to Turkey can apply for a visa at www.evisa.gov.tr, ideally at least one week before their departure date. It takes 24 hours to issue a Turkish e-visa and they will need a passport valid for at least six months, plus a Visa or Mastercard to make their payment.

Replacing visas on arrival

Turkey has been running its new online visa application system for almost a year, alongside its traditional system of granting tourists with temporary holiday visas when they arrive at the airport.

Turkey’s foreign ministry reports that over the nine months since the new system was launched in April 2013, they’ve issued 712,300 e-visas, generating $10.7 million. Most of the visa applicants have come from Iraq, the UK and the US.

Published: 27 February 2014