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Tourist spending in Spain up 13.7% in March

21 May, 2013Tourist spending in Spain

According to the Egatur Tourist Expenditure Survey (prepared by the Institute for Tourism Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), tourists visiting Spain spent 3.28 billion euros in March, an increase of 13.7% on March 2012.

Visitors from France, the Nordic countries and Germany were the main contributors, especially in the Canary Islands and Catalonia. In fact, the Canary Islands had the largest volume of spending between January and March, at 3.16 billion euros (up 7%). Catalonia was second, with 1.99 billion euros and an increase of 14.2% year on year. Andalusia was third with 1.25 billion euros spent in the first quarter, an increase of 10.5%.

UK holidaymakers spent a total of 632 million euros (up 2.2% on March 2012), mainly in Andalusia and Catalonia. French holidaymakers spent the most, a total figure of 400 million euros (a year on year increase of 43.5%), with Catalonia as their favoured destination.

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