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Use event tourism to boost your business

Book a Parisian studio and take in the Paris Marathon

2014 is set to be another great year for event tourism, with an increasing number of travellers booking holidays to coincide with popular events. Now’s the time to capitalise on festivals and events happening near your holiday property to fill up your calendar.

Do you own a Scottish holiday property within easy reach of Glasgow’s upcoming Commonwealth Games site? Or maybe you rent out the ideal Californian base for Coachella festival-goers to escape to when the party’s over? All you need to do is tell people about it.

First stop should be your listing: regularly update your summary for search results and your main description with the names of upcoming local festivals and events. This way search engines will pick up your listing whenever travellers are looking for accommodation for an event you’ve mentioned. You should also add seasonal events to your own website if you have one, making sure they feature prominently on your homepage.

A few months before a big local event, put up a few posters to showcase your property as a great base for the festivities. It also pays to be social-media savvy – your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter can raise your profile for free.

Don’t forget to leave business cards for your guests to take with them, and always gather feedback by requesting a review just after the stay. This will help you spread the word about your place – if this year’s Paris Marathon tourists give you the thumbs-up, it’s likely you’ll be booked up for next year.

With so many great events scheduled for 2014 – Shakespeare’s 450th birthday celebrations in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Ryder Cup in Gleneagles and Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup – now’s the time to capitalise on event tourism and make this your best rental year ever!

A bumper summer for UK tourism

UK tourism is on the upUK tourism figures are on the up, according to the Office for National Statistics. Summer 2013 saw a marked increase in visitors to Great Britain, which is great news for UK holiday home owners.

During the peak summer month of August, the UK saw a 16% overall rise in visitors and an upturn of 14% in North American tourists.

There was also a 28% increase in visitors from outside North America and Europe, with many more travellers from Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East choosing the UK for their leisure breaks.

Visits abroad for UK residents also grew by 4% from June to August, with more British travellers making the most of long weekends and bank holidays with trips abroad.

You can read the full story on Travel Weekly.

Spanish tourism safety campaign launch

spainSpain’s got some great news for its visitors this season. ‘Operation Summer’ was launched by the Interior Ministry on 1 July in the regions of Andalusia, Asturias, Canarias, Cantabria, Valencia, Galicia, Madrid, the Balearic Islands and Murcia. Its aim is to ensure the safety of the millions of tourists expected to visit Spain in the coming months.

The crime rate in Spain remains among the lowest in the European Union, however, the Secretary of State for Security said, “Our ambition is always to improve the crime figures even more, and for that the National Police, Guardia Civil, and other security forces, are working daily with the intention of providing a safer country”.

The ‘Operation Summer 2013 Tourism Insurance Plan’ includes increased surveillance on roads, railway stations, ports, airports, hotels, camping and beaches, and the strengthening of security measures at shows and events involving large concentrations of people.

It will continue until 31 August (except in the Balearic Islands, where it will end on 30 September).

Tourist spending in Spain up 13.7% in March

21 May, 2013Tourist spending in Spain

According to the Egatur Tourist Expenditure Survey (prepared by the Institute for Tourism Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), tourists visiting Spain spent 3.28 billion euros in March, an increase of 13.7% on March 2012.

Visitors from France, the Nordic countries and Germany were the main contributors, especially in the Canary Islands and Catalonia. In fact, the Canary Islands had the largest volume of spending between January and March, at 3.16 billion euros (up 7%). Catalonia was second, with 1.99 billion euros and an increase of 14.2% year on year. Andalusia was third with 1.25 billion euros spent in the first quarter, an increase of 10.5%.

UK holidaymakers spent a total of 632 million euros (up 2.2% on March 2012), mainly in Andalusia and Catalonia. French holidaymakers spent the most, a total figure of 400 million euros (a year on year increase of 43.5%), with Catalonia as their favoured destination.

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