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How I’m trying to reach the top of the search results

Rowena, Cyprus holiday homeownerRowena shares her strategies for getting her holiday home in Cyprus to the top of the Holiday Lettings search results.

The high season is fast approaching and although we’ve had some bookings confirmed, we still have a lot of weeks available and need to get the empty dates filled!

It’s important to me that our property stays at the top of the listings on Holiday Lettings. I’ve mentioned before that tourists can be put-off looking for self-catering holidays abroad because of the cost of flights, and these are especially high for European flights to sunshine destinations like Cyprus. Plus, our property in Paphos faces a lot of tough competition from other holiday lets, so I need to ensure that our house stays at the top of the search results.

Increase clicks with a great search results summary

Great text means more guests!Your search results summary is the text that appears next to your first photo in our search results. These few words have the power to grab a guest’s attention, convince them to click through and book a holiday.

Some holiday home owners like to pepper their summary text with popular keywords that match holidaymaker searches and stand out at first glance – things like ‘secure parking’, ‘private garden’, ‘Madrid city centre apartment’. Whereas others prefer to speak to potential guests’ emotional side, using carefully crafted, evocative sentences to highlight the property’s key features.

Here are some good examples from our site:

Influence your position in the search results

Holiday Lettings search results“Really?” we hear you say. Well yes, you can.

We’re not about to reveal our algorithm secrets any more than Google is, but what you do with your listing and how you respond to your guests does influence your position in the search results on Holiday Lettings.

Here’s how: respond, respond, respond to every enquiry and/or every booking request.

Do it now: tomorrow could be too late for the guest (beyond 24 hours will impact your response rate), so prompt responses count too.

How you respond today as well as how you did last month and continue to over time are all factored in, so every response really does count.