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Be inspired by your guests

Whether you’ve got TripAdvisor reviews on your advert or a guest book at your home full of comments, your future guests will definitely want to read other people’s impressions of your home. In today’s competitive market, reviews form a vital part of your advertising: they offer reassurance and provide valuable first-hand experience.

You can even use your guests’ reviews to improve your advert. Here’s how:


“The photos don’t do it justice”


Home 30856

If your guests are raving about the décor in your place but their reviews say that the “photos don’t do it justice”, it’s time to take some better photos! Similarly, if they’re talking about the local beach but you don’t have any photos of it, you’re missing an opportunity to promote your area. Read our tips on how to work wonders with your photo gallery.


“Walk to the apartment in 3 minutes…”


Home 1395878

If you usually drive around the area near your holiday home, your guests’ reviews can offer insight into the best ways of getting around using public transport. Which bus to use and how long it takes to get to nearby amenities and attractions is all valuable info for guests.

Use these tips in the How to get there section of your advert. Go to Properties > Update location info to update your advert.


“Beautiful sunrises and sunsets…”

Home 621209

You can also use your reviews to get ideas for your descriptions. This review mentions the “breathtaking” views and the “quaint harbour town”, evoking a tranquil seaside holiday. Need more ideas for your area descriptions? Find out how to think like a local.


“Thank you for your feedback…”

It’s a good idea to respond to all of your reviews, even if it’s just to thank your guest for the feedback. It also gives you the opportunity to emphasise the positive points the guest has made and address any of their suggestions for improvement. Read our top tips for responding to guest reviews.

Here’s an example of a great review and response:

Home 1770369


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How to post a review on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor reviewsWriting a review about your holiday is a great way to offer your feedback to the owner and help other travellers decide where to stay. You might simply want to thank them for a lovely stay. It’s fun to do and only takes a few minutes.

Getting your review on the owner’s advert is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Find the owner’s Holiday Lettings advert (using the Home ID) or TripAdvisor listing (using the home name). Click on the button to write a review and you’ll be taken to a form on TripAdvisor. Alternatively, the owner might send you an email with a link to their ad, in which case, just follow the link.
  • You’ll need to provide a few details, such as the guest’s name that was on the booking and the date of your stay. Then comes the fun bit: give your stay a score out of five, create a title for your review and then write your comments. Click on the ‘Tips & guidelines’ link above the comments box for advice.
  • You have the option of rating your stay in more detail by clicking on Rate Your Experience and you can even add photos. Tick the disclaimer box and then you can submit your review straight away or preview it first.
  • When you click on Submit at the bottom of the form, you’ll be asked to sign in to TripAdvisor. If you don’t have a TripAdvisor account, you can create one for free or sign in via Facebook or Google.
  • If you’ve submitted the review correctly you’ll receive an email from TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor then checks the review to make sure it meets the guidelines. This can take a little while, particularly during busy seasons.
  • The review will be displayed on the owner’s Holiday Lettings advert and their TripAdvisor listing.

Top tip! Try to make your review as useful as possible for other guests. For example, rather than just saying “the beach was excellent”, say “the beach was excellent because it was clean, quiet and just a short walk from the holiday home”.

Need to know info

Why do I have to sign in to write a review? The vast majority of websites that allow people to comment now require some kind of sign in. This is to stop any misuse of the system, take away absolute anonymity and make sure that owners can’t post fake reviews about their own home.

Where’s my review? If you can’t see your review yet and you’ve been waiting for a while, make sure that:

  • You received a notification email from TripAdvisor thanking you for your review (if you didn’t receive this, you may not have completed the review properly or signed into TripAdvisor).

If, after checking the above, you still can’t see the review it could be that it didn’t meet the guidelines. In that case, you can try and resubmit your review after double-checking the guidelines.

Collect reviews with our email template

If you have time, it’s worthwhile sending a personalised email to all of your guests on the day after check-out. Many of our advertisers tell us that they have the biggest uptake when requesting reviews this way because the email comes directly from you and they’ll probably recognise your email address. As an example, you could write something like:

Dear [insert guest’s name here],

Thank you for staying at our home in [location here]. It was lovely to accommodate you and we do hope you enjoyed your stay.

We’d really appreciate it if you could spare some time to write a review of your holiday on our advert at the following link: http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/[insert Home ID here]. Simply click on write a review at the top of the page to write your review via TripAdvisor. It doesn’t take long to do and we would love to receive your comments as it helps us to keep improving our service.

Need help collecting reviews? Find out more.

Responding to guest reviews: top tips

Did you know that the way you respond to a review can be more important than the review reviewsimageitself? Our studies suggest that, whatever their rating, reviews on adverts with responses get an average of 12 per cent more enquiries than those without.

Tips for responding to reviews:

  • Respond as soon as you can but make sure you have carefully considered your response before submitting it. Don’t forget to check it for spelling and grammar.
  • Once you’ve written your response, sleep on it and look at it again with a fresh pair or eyes in the morning; you’ll probably find that you end up changing it again for the better.
  • Ask a friend or family member to read it. They might spot something you’ve missed and offer an alternative perspective.
  • Try not to say too much: just thank the guest for their feedback and suggestions, apologise if necessary and address the main points. Try to keep your response to a few paragraphs and keep it shorter than the review itself if possible.

Here are some examples of good responses to reviews.

A great review:

“We just wanted to say thank you for a great holiday at Rose cottage. You’d thought of everything right down to the travel games for the kids in the welcome pack. Everywhere was so clean and the outdoor shower was great for cleaning up after a day at the beach! Just a shame we had more rainy days than sunny ones but we will definitely be back bring better weather next time! We’re recommending it to our friends too.”


“Thank you for leaving such lovely comments. It was a shame about the few rainy days that you had so I hope you put those games to good use! We’re glad that you enjoyed your holiday and will look forward to seeing you again”.

✔ The responder shows they are polite in thanking the reviewer for their comments from the outset

✔ They’ve addressed the issue of the weather and turned it into a positive by highlighting that they have board games at the home for rainy days

✔ They have reinforced that the guest had a great time despite the weather and welcomed them back to encourage a repeat booking

A not-so-great review:

“We were so disappointed staying at this apartment. The microwave was broken when we got there so we couldn’t use it which was really inconvenient. When we arrived it was so windy and cold so we couldn’t go to the beach and loads of places were closed. The theme park was shut and so was the zoo. We couldn’t find many places to eat out so ended up cooking at the apartment most nights. Everyone was so bored there was nothing to do at all. It says on the advert that the pool would be heated but it wasn’t so we couldn’t use that either. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.”


“Thank you for your comments. We’re so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your holiday. We do say in the advert that the pool is heated but only from May to September and your stay was in early October. We do offer great deals when travelling out of season but warn our guests that some local attractions may be closed. There are many beautiful walks nearby and local restaurants that are still open. Unfortunately, we were unaware that the microwave was not working so we thank you for pointing this out to us and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused you. We have now replaced it with a new one.”

✔ The advertiser has thanked the reviewer for their comments and the response is concise

✔ They’ve addressed the main issues regarding the broken microwave and the fact that the guests chose to stay out of season

✔ They are managing the expectations of future guests who may choose to book out of season and have said they will replace the microwave

✔ The guest complaint has been acknowledged and an apology given where necessary

Need help collecting reviews? Find out more.

How to collect TripAdvisor reviews (and boost bookings!)

TripAdvisor reviewsWe all love to know what other people think. When we’re making a decision on where to stay, hearing from previous guests can really sway our choice and:

  • Give real insight into a stay at your property
  • Boost guests’ trust and confidence, increasing your chances of securing a booking
  • Push your ad up the search rankings when guests are sorting their results by ‘number of reviews’.
  • Improve guests’ experiences by helping you to make changes to your offering

To get guest reviews on your ad, we’ve got all the info you need:

How to collect reviews

1. Send an email through your Holiday Lettings Dashboard

  • Log in to your Dashboard and go to Properties > Manage your reviews
  • Click on the Collect Reviews tab
  • Click on View sample email to read the pre-written message for guests. Simply close the window when you’re done
  • Select Send request to enter the email address(es) of previous guests, then hit the green button to send the message to all guests in the list

2. Send a personal email

For that personal touch, you can send your own message from your Inbox or personal email account. Reply to a previous email/message from the guest you want to contact to ask them to write a review and include a link to your advert (eg. www.holidaylettings.co.uk/1234).

Need some pointers for the personal email? Use this template.

Need more help?

Read more about how the Reviews page works, see our tips for responding to reviews and check out our help section.