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More space for photos – change your gallery with the season

We’ve increased the number of photos you can store in your advert to 100. Your gallery will still display 24, but with all that space to add extra pictures it’ll be much easier to keep your gallery up to date.

Instead of having to upload new photos over existing ones, you can now simply move them out of your displayed gallery to your store of saved photos and swap new ones in. This means you can keep your gallery looking fresh and seasonal all year round. Here are some ideas about using your gallery to attract bookings for each season.


Holiday Lettings - Daffodils

Home 58919

Well-lit photos of your home with extra springtime touches (for example, the table laid ready for dinner complete with a vase of tulips) help to freshen up your gallery. As the trees start to blossom and flowers start to bloom, get out and about with your camera and take some pictures of the local area too – for example,  bluebells in a nearby forest or a field of daffodils.


Home 546568

Summer brings some of the most beautiful sunsets so it’s a good idea to get some snaps when the sun’s going down – especially if you’ve got a balcony with a sea view. If there are beaches near your home, head down on a clear day and get plenty of pictures. If you’ve got a garden, capture some of the ways it can be enjoyed. You might want to set the table for an al fresco lunch,  or bring some of your outdoor toys or equipment into shot, such as a trampoline or swing.



Home 4613676

As the leaves start to turn red and brown and the nights draw in, it’s time to get some autumn photos of your home and area. If you’ve got a wood-burning stove or an open fire, a softly lit picture of the room with the fire blazing away will help potential guests imagine themselves relaxing there on a chilly day. Pictures of local indoor attractions, such as museums, theatres and water parks, make good additions to your gallery for when the weather is less favourable.



Home 1378232

Take several photos of your home dressed for the Christmas holidays, complete with twinkling lights and a tree. If you get snow in your area in winter, pictures of dazzling white landscapes are really effective. Local area photos such as nearby Christmas markets and wintry woodland walks also work well.

To start adding photos to your gallery, go to Properties > Add / update photos.


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Photography tips to get guests booking

Free photo shoots available – limited offer

Some holiday homes are eligible for a free photo shoot to help them attract more bookings. Owners who’ve already taken us up on this offer are receiving a massive 90% lift in enquiries on average.

Do I qualify for the free photo shoot?

If there’s a photographer available in your area you’ll receive an email inviting you to take up the offer. Keep an eye on your inbox and respond quickly to secure your slot.

Unfortunately we have a limited number of photographers with very tight schedules, so are unable to offer the photo shoot to everyone. The offer is mainly for new advertisers to help them get the most from their advert from the word go.

What happens next?

Once you’ve secured your slot, we’ll put you in touch with the photographer to arrange the best time for their visit.

Your new professional photos will be uploaded to your advert and a Visited by Holiday Lettings badge will go on your listing, encouraging more guests to book.

Want to find out more? Read our FAQ

Spot the difference

See how our photographers put a new dazzling new shine on these holiday homes.

Living room (before)

Before the photo shoot

Living room (after)


After the shoot: there’s much more light on the living space at Brooks House.

Master bedroom (before)

Before the photo shoot

Bedroom (after)


After the shoot: Apartment Vila Sol Village looks set for a good night’s sleep.

Kitchen (before)

Before the photo shoot

Kitchen (after)


After the shoot: a fresh perspective on the kitchen at 107 Royal Mile.

Front of the villa (before)

Before the photo shoot

Front of the house (after)


After the shoot: Villa No. 27 is captured in a whole new light.

7 top tips from a professional

You can get your photos looking pristine even if you’re not in line for a free photo shoot. Read Mike’s top photography tips – he’s a professional photographer who runs his own holiday home in Spain.

Photography tips to get guests booking

Villa with poolLooks matter for travellers when they’re researching their hard-earned holidays, so your photos need to show off your rental at its best.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a great picture – but it helps to get some advice from one. Grab your digital camera and read seven top tips from Mike, a Holiday Lettings home owner and photographer who knows a thing or two about taking photos that sparkle…

Find some inspiration

Swimming poolFirst stop: check out the competition. When someone else’s advert leaves you itching to book a holiday, note down what’s great about the photos and try a similar approach.

Get the light right

Balcony during the dayExterior shots: it’s best to have a clear blue sky on your side. Stand with your back to the sun and snap away. You’ll probably need to photograph one side in the morning, then the other in the afternoon.

PatioInterior shots: take these during the day with natural light streaming in through the windows. If you want to show a room lit up at night, take your photos as the sun is setting – not when it’s already dark.

Forget the flash

LoungeYour flash will only light objects in the foreground, so it won’t always give you the best results.

  1. Set your camera to manual.
  2. Switch the flash off.
  3. Set the highest ISO (800 or 1600) for indoor shots, or a low setting (eg 100) for outdoors.

Cut the clutter

Dining roomMess and clutter will grab guests’ attention for all the wrong reasons, so have a tidy up before you start snapping.

Focus on your home

Dining on the patioTravellers don’t want to see pictures of someone else’s family having a blast – they want to imagine themselves there. Keep your shots super simple and free of people.

Give the full picture

BedroomYou don’t get a real sense of a room if all you can see is half a bed and a door. Stand in the corner of the room and set your camera lens to its widest to take in as much of the room as possible. You can use a tripod to keep your camera steady.

Be creative with angles

Bathroom photoTake a few photos while standing on a chair or holding the camera above your head. Now try tilting the camera. Do any of these approaches bring the best out of that bathroom?

Got your photos sorted?

We know 260 million travellers* who’d love to see them

When you create your free Holiday Lettings listing, your ad will also appear on 25 international TripAdvisor sites. Now that’s an easy way to get your rental noticed.

Find out about listing with Holiday Lettings

*Google Analytics, Worldwide data, July 2013

Bigger photos make for better listings

Bigger photos equal better listings

Your new-look listing gives you room for bigger photos, so you can really show off your home and clinch fast bookings from impressed guests.

We’ve resized all images where possible so that they fit the new design. But if any of your photos look a bit grainy or are simply much smaller than they should be, you can upload larger ones with a higher resolution to make the best use of the space available.

Take a quick look at your ad on the site. If any of your pictures don’t look quite right, you can simply delete them and replace if necessary.

  • Log in and go to Properties > Photos
  • Use the little dustbin symbol to the right of any unsatisfactory images to delete them
  • If you’d like to add higher resolution photos, choose Add photos, select a picture (or several) from your files, then hit Upload
  • You can also drag and drop pictures directly from your computer into the upload field
  • Any new pictures will appear under Uploaded photos
  • Type your caption into the field next to each new photo and click Save
  • To change the order of your images, click and drag them up or down individually – make sure you’ve got an attention-grabbing shot (landscape format only) as your lead photo

The technical stuff

  • If you’re taking new photos, choose the highest available image quality on your digital camera: if you’ve just got normal or basic, choose normal
  • File size can’t exceed 5MB per photo
  • All photos must be a minimum of 1440 pixels wide

For more help with uploading and ordering your photos, check out our video.

Professional photos for more bookings

Free professional photo shootA massive 79% of guests tell us it’s the photos that make them click to find out more and book. So we’re introducing a new service where many holiday home owners can get a free professional photo shoot of their properties to help generate more bookings.

Do I qualify for the free photo shoot?

If we’ve got a photographer in your area you’ll receive an email about the free photo shoot over the coming months – so keep an eye on your inbox. Next, we’ll put you in touch with the photographer directly so you can arrange a convenient time.

Your new professional photos will be uploaded to your advert and we’ll put a “Visited by Holiday Lettings” badge on your listing to encourage more guests to book.

Find out more

See our latest post for some great examples of holiday homes before and after a photo shoot. Another ad that’s had a free photo shoot is this lovely house in Islington.

Make the most of your Holiday Lettings advert

Draw holidaymakers to your advert and boost bookings with these simple tips:


  • Pick great pictures. Your first photo should be the best as it appears next to your home summary text in the search results page – this picture has the power to draw holidaymakers to your advert. Pictures of unique selling points such as a pool, roof terrace or sea view work well, but keep it relevant to your home: those sea views will look much more appealing if your garden is also in shot.

Impress guests with your first four photos as these appear on the search results page. Choose high-quality pictures that show off different aspects of your place and really shout ‘holiday’.

Keep your photos fresh: remember, you have 24 photos to play with so why not update a few throughout the year to reflect the coming season? Quality seasonal photos really help holidaymakers to imagine what their stay will be like.

  • Write to excite. Your home summary appears next to the photo in search results – this is your chance to entice holidaymakers in around 30 words. Talk to your target audience, say what makes your place special and add keywords for a search engine boost: well-chosen words can boost your bookings.

Most holidaymakers head straight to the gallery before reading the rest of your advert, so use captions to set that holiday mood. Rather than simply writing “Terrace”, why not “Start the day with breakfast in the sun”?

  • Consider how your ad looks at a glance. Guests browse lots of ads before choosing which to read in depth. Try looking at your ad in the search results; does it jump out at you? If everyone else has a pool picture, maybe your beautiful bedroom will catch the eye?

Refine your search data, add reviews and keep your prices competitive to stand out in the search results and tempt holidaymakers to pick you out of the crowd.

  • Draw on local knowledge. Tell holidaymakers about things to do in your area to tempt them to book. Many holidaymakers want to go beyond the guidebook’s advice and your local knowledge can give your place an edge over the competition.
  • Collect reviews from your previous guests are so powerful. That extra testimonial could persuade a holidaymaker to book your home over another, so get collecting! Ask your happy guests to write a review for you through the Reviews page in your account. Find out more about collecting reviews.
  • Keep your pricing structure simple and easy to follow. Make sure your table is as short as possible and group time periods together giving them a name for easy reference. E.g. ‘Summer’ or ‘High season’. The easier your pricing is to understand, the better the experience for the guest.

4 top tips on how to order your photos

Great photos work wonders for attracting more guests to your property (see our tips on taking great photos for more on this). But once you’ve got your selection of great shots, shuffling your photos so they’re in best order will make a huge improvement to your listing.

Here are our four top tips on how to order your photos and selecting the ‘killer’ from the ‘filler’.

Tip 1: Your first photo should be one of your best

Your lead photo is the first picture holidaymakers will see when they’re browsing the list of places to stay. It must work hard to encourage them to click on your listing. Choose a photo that immediately catches your attention – even test it with a few friends to see if they agree.

Tip 2: Remove any ‘filler’ photos from your first four

After your lead photo, your next three photos are just as important as holidaymakers will see them once they’ve clicked on your listing. They must whet their appetite, encouraging them to read on and book.

As a rule of thumb, your first four photos should include pictures of the exterior of your home, a well-dressed interior shot (eg the living room), the local area and a unique selling point, such as a four-poster bed or sunny conservatory. It’s worth spending some time shuffling your gallery to get it right.


before 1


after 1

Note: The photo of the sofa bed is the wrong orientation. You can quickly change photos from landscape to portrait (or vice versa) in your Holiday Lettings account.

Even consider removing ‘filler’ photos altogether, eg remove any photos of bathrooms, garages or outdoor areas that just don’t have that wow factor.


before 2



Tip 3: Use photo editing software to lighten up your photos and add colour

Before and after

before darkafter dark


Tip 4: Check out the competition and consider leading with a different type of photo

If everyone else has a picture of a pool, try an attractive interior photo instead. It will help your listing stand out from the rest in the search results.






A picture tells a thousand words – why photos matter


We’re betting that one of the first things you look at when booking a holiday is the photos. 79% of holidaymakers would agree with you as they told us in a survey that photos are ‘essential’ in helping them make their decision. So, what kind of photos should you include in your gallery to make your home seem like the obvious choice?

  • The ‘wow’ factor. Make a list of everything that sets your home apart, such as a swimming pool, log fire, barbecue, Jacuzzi, trampoline or beautiful gardens. Take plenty of photos and then choose the best ones to include in your advert.
  • Good quality images. These days, even camera phones can produce great results. But it’s really important that all of your photos are crisp, high-resolution images so investing in (or borrowing) a decent digital camera makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter how picturesque the scenery or how beautiful your home looks, if the picture is blurry or over exposed, it won’t do you justice.
  • What type of holiday are you offering? When taking pictures of your home and the local area, think of your advert as if it were a brochure. You’re selling the idea of a holiday at your home so show the whole package and always keep your target audience in mind. For example, if you’re trying to attract couples looking for a romantic break, include a picture of the dining table laid ready for dinner complete with candles and a bottle of wine. Think about what couples would like to do in the area – if there are scenic county walks, lamp-lit cobbled streets or theatres and restaurants nearby, take some pictures to include in your gallery.
  • Your first four photos. Once you’ve uploaded photos to your advert, spend some time shuffling them to get the order right. A good rule of thumb is to include (in no particular order) a picture of the exterior of your home, a well-dressed interior shot, such as the living room, a picture of the local area and one of your unique selling points such as a four-poster bed or sunny conservatory.

Top tip! Keep in mind that the first picture is the largest in your advert preview (shown in the search results page) so this needs to be the best of the bunch. Check out what others are using for their first photo. If everyone else has a picture of a swimming pool, try using something different so that when holidaymakers are scrolling through, your advert will leap out and attract their interest.

  • Change your photos with the season. It’s a good idea to take a camera every time you visit your home to start building up a portfolio of pictures. You can have a selection of pictures for each season so you can easily change your photos to attract a new wave of guests. This is especially important if your home is in an area that attracts seasonal guests, such as a ski chalet in the French Alps. Of course, summer is also a fantastic time to visit the Alps, but you’ll want to switch pictures of snowy slopes for rolling green hills on a sunny day.