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My simple steps for boosting enquiries

Rowena - Ad refresh

It’s a good time as any to review and refresh your ad. Rowena shares what she does to help give her enquiries a boost. 

There are a few simple steps I always abide by that can really help boost enquiries.

General advert update

I make sure everything on my advert is up to date and seasonalised with new year prices and an updated availability calendar. I remove my ‘pitch’ for long term winter lets and update my descriptions with the promise of some summer sunshine!

Photo update

Sunny holiday shots are key to attracting bookings in the bleak winter months, so make sure your advert has lots of them! We make sure all the photos do our home justice and are a good representation of the type of holiday our guests can expect.

Optimise your exposure

It’s also a good time to consider using some extra advertising opportunities available through Holiday Lettings like Spotlights and Late Deals. Since our Spotlight went live last month we’ve started seeing more enquiries.

Always act fast

If you’ve received an enquiry from a potential guest chances are they’ve enquired with at least one of your competitors too, so sending a quick response with clear information is absolutely key. You can sign up for free SMS text alerts every time you receive an enquiry. Now there’s also the new Holiday Lettings mobile app, which is free and a great way to manage enquiries and bookings when you’re out and about.

Now over to you: what do you do to get the enquiries flowing at this time of year? Do you have any tips or advice to share with other homeowners?

Good luck!