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Web services for property managers

Save time with automatic updates to your Holiday Lettings listings. All of our web services are free and available for property managers with the technical support available to help set them up.

We have four web services available for property managers advertising with Holiday Lettings. If you’re interested in any of them or would like to find out more, get in touch. Just ask for full technical manuals and documents to help get you started.

Automatic calendar updates

Our Remote Availability Update Service (RAUS) connects your bookings to your Holiday Lettings calendars, keeping them fully up to date. Technically it’s the most simple of our web services and can be set up by a web developer within half a day.

Automatic price updates

Our Remote Tariff Update Service (RTUS) automatically updates your listings with any price changes you make on your site or database.

Fully automated listings

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to fully automate your whole portfolio – whenever an update is made at your end, the change will be seen on Holiday Lettings, and vice versa. It updates existing adverts automatically, updates your system with new enquiries and notifies us when a property needs to come offline. It’s even clever enough to automatically create new adverts on Holiday Lettings with the correct property descriptions, facility details and photos.

To get the full benefit from the API, you’ll also need to use RAUS and RTUS so your calendars and prices are also automatically updated.

One-off imports

If you’d prefer not to have a full automated listing, we can do a one-off import of all of your properties from an XML feed or a CSV file. One-off imports can include property descriptions, details of facilities, photos and prices.

Following the one-off import, you’ll need to use RAUS so your calendars are kept up to date.

Guest reviews – how many do you have?


Collecting reviews from people who have stayed at your place is one of the best ways to promote it to future guests. Some guests may leave a review on your advert without any prompting from you, but actively encouraging feedback from all guests can be really valuable for your business. Reviews are an unrivalled marketing tool and they’ll also give you ideas to improve the holiday experience for your guests.

  • Collect reviews as you go. Reviewing a home is quick and easy, and many of your guests will be familiar with the process. After each guest has checked out, send them an email (including a link to your advert) asking them to review their stay. If guests email you directly with their feedback, thank them and encourage them to write their review on TripAdvisor.
  • Leave some business cards in your holiday home. Include your contact details, a picture of your home, a link to your advert and a request to leave a review after their stay. This will remind guests about their holiday and might prompt them to leave a review when they get home.
  • Engage the entire group. If you’ve had a large group to stay, ask the party organiser to encourage each guest to review their holiday. Alternatively, ask the organiser if their friends would be happy to be contacted by you, so you can prompt them individually.

For many people, booking a holiday is the largest online purchase they will make in a year. Reviews are a vital part of the research and booking process, so having them on your advert means holidaymakers are much more likely to send you an enquiry.