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1,000s of Google+ pages hijacked – check yours is ok

Has your Google+ page been tampered with?If your holiday home is listed on Google+, it’s worth checking whether your details have been tampered with following a possible security breach at Google.

An unknown third party has changed the details of 1,000s of business listings for hotels and guesthouses on Google’s monster social networking site.

The main cause for concern is that altered listings now link to a third-party booking service.

Anyone with a Google account can suggest a change to a listing, however the changes need to be verified before they go live. It’s still unclear as to how these changes were approved. See the Guardian’s article  for more details.

Check your Google+ page

Log in to Google+ to see whether your details are still correct. Any changes you make here will automatically update your Google search results, Maps and other Google services.

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Published: 23 January 2014