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How to post a review on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor reviewsWriting a review about your holiday is a great way to offer your feedback to the owner and help other travellers decide where to stay. You might simply want to thank them for a lovely stay. It’s fun to do and only takes a few minutes.

Getting your review on the owner’s advert is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Find the owner’s Holiday Lettings advert (using the Home ID) or TripAdvisor listing (using the home name). Click on the button to write a review and you’ll be taken to a form on TripAdvisor. Alternatively, the owner might send you an email with a link to their ad, in which case, just follow the link.
  • You’ll need to provide a few details, such as the guest’s name that was on the booking and the date of your stay. Then comes the fun bit: give your stay a score out of five, create a title for your review and then write your comments. Click on the ‘Tips & guidelines’ link above the comments box for advice.
  • You have the option of rating your stay in more detail by clicking on Rate Your Experience and you can even add photos. Tick the disclaimer box and then you can submit your review straight away or preview it first.
  • When you click on Submit at the bottom of the form, you’ll be asked to sign in to TripAdvisor. If you don’t have a TripAdvisor account, you can create one for free or sign in via Facebook or Google.
  • If you’ve submitted the review correctly you’ll receive an email from TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor then checks the review to make sure it meets the guidelines. This can take a little while, particularly during busy seasons.
  • The review will be displayed on the owner’s Holiday Lettings advert and their TripAdvisor listing.

Top tip! Try to make your review as useful as possible for other guests. For example, rather than just saying “the beach was excellent”, say “the beach was excellent because it was clean, quiet and just a short walk from the holiday home”.

Need to know info

Why do I have to sign in to write a review? The vast majority of websites that allow people to comment now require some kind of sign in. This is to stop any misuse of the system, take away absolute anonymity and make sure that owners can’t post fake reviews about their own home.

Where’s my review? If you can’t see your review yet and you’ve been waiting for a while, make sure that:

  • You received a notification email from TripAdvisor thanking you for your review (if you didn’t receive this, you may not have completed the review properly or signed into TripAdvisor).

If, after checking the above, you still can’t see the review it could be that it didn’t meet the guidelines. In that case, you can try and resubmit your review after double-checking the guidelines.

Guest reviews – how many do you have?


Collecting reviews from people who have stayed at your place is one of the best ways to promote it to future guests. Some guests may leave a review on your advert without any prompting from you, but actively encouraging feedback from all guests can be really valuable for your business. Reviews are an unrivalled marketing tool and they’ll also give you ideas to improve the holiday experience for your guests.

  • Collect reviews as you go. Reviewing a home is quick and easy, and many of your guests will be familiar with the process. After each guest has checked out, send them an email (including a link to your advert) asking them to review their stay. If guests email you directly with their feedback, thank them and encourage them to write their review on TripAdvisor.
  • Leave some business cards in your holiday home. Include your contact details, a picture of your home, a link to your advert and a request to leave a review after their stay. This will remind guests about their holiday and might prompt them to leave a review when they get home.
  • Engage the entire group. If you’ve had a large group to stay, ask the party organiser to encourage each guest to review their holiday. Alternatively, ask the organiser if their friends would be happy to be contacted by you, so you can prompt them individually.

For many people, booking a holiday is the largest online purchase they will make in a year. Reviews are a vital part of the research and booking process, so having them on your advert means holidaymakers are much more likely to send you an enquiry.