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Update: response rate calculation changed

Your response rate on Holiday LettingsSince we introduced response rate to listings a few weeks ago, we’ve been tracking very closely both its effect on booking enquiries as well as feedback from both owners and guests.

Following feedback and many conversations with owners and guests over these few weeks we’ve changed the main trigger we review in the response rate calculation. From today, we’ll look purely at recent enquiries rather than enquiries in a timeframe to measure response rate.

How your rate is calculated

  • The rate now reflects how many times you’ve responded within 48 hours to your most recent 20 enquiries (or as many as you have, if less than 20).

Top 5 reasons why guests don’t book (and how to make sure they do!)

Finding it difficult to encourage holidaymakers to book after they’ve sent you an enquiry? We ask holidaymakers all the time about why they decided not to book. Read on to find out their top reasons and what you can do to secure those all-important bookings.

Tip #1 Keep your calendar up to date

We recently received this email from one disgruntled holidaymaker:

“Dear Holiday Lettings,

My son and I spent a considerable amount of time over three nights sifting through the villas on offer until we found exactly what we were looking for, available at the time we wanted and for at a price we could afford. Sadly, we allowed ourselves to get excited about the prospect of our sunny Italian holiday.

Convert those enquiries to bookings

responding_quicklyWhen you’re managing bookings and payments yourself, response time has never been more important. As it’s now possible for owners to take online payments via their Holiday Lettings advert, guests can book straight away. If you don’t use online bookings, you’ll need to bear that in mind and respond to enquiries as soon as they come in. Want to start taking online bookings? Find out more.

Guests looking to book usually like to keep their options open. They’ll probably contact several owners at once to test the water, so it’s a good idea to get ready to secure bookings quickly before your competition can.

Securing bookings when offering online payment


When you’re set up to take online payments via Holiday Lettings, you’ll receive booking requests and enquiries. The former from people who are keen to book and pay quickly, the latter from those seeking a little more info before parting with their cash. In the case of booking requests speed of response is paramount because the guest wants confirmation that they don’t have to continue their search. With enquiries speed is also paramount but in a slightly different context – it’s likely the guest has sent multiple enquiries in order to keep their options open.

Key to booking conversion?