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My top 4 tips for early bird bookings

Rowena shares her tips on getting early bird bookings for next year

Want some advice on how to secure early bird bookings for your holiday home? Holiday homeowner, Rowena, shares her top four tips. 

So far we have had zero confirmation on bookings for next year. I’m not too worried at the moment as most of our bookings seem to come in from January onwards, but it would be good to get at least a couple of booking confirmations for 2014.

I’ve tried late bookings before, but these haven’t always worked well for us. The main reason being flights to Cyprus often increase in price the longer you leave it to book. The earlier you book generally the cheaper flights are, so I really need to ensure we are on the ball with our marketing to get a full season of rentals next year.

So how do I go about getting early bird bookings?

#1 Let people know that flights have now been released for next year

EasyJet has released its flights for spring/summer 2014. I will contact previous guests to let them know and I have also announced on our Holiday Lettings advert that flights are now available. It’s important to integrate this type of information into any marketing activity, be it within our advert or on our newsletter to past guests.

#2 Add an incentive or deal

Early bird booker deals work really well for guests looking to book in advance. These often appeal to families who are looking to arrange their summer holidays and want to ensure they get the best deal by booking early. Using a deal or incentive helps to attract interest from these types of holidaymakers.

#3 Make sure prices are up to date and competitive

If you don’t show your prices, or if they are higher than similar properties in the area, the chances are you won’t get the bookings. I try to make sure my prices are kept up to date and are competitive for any guest looking to book in advance.

#4 Respond quickly

I know I always say it, but I really do feel from my experience that the quicker you respond, the better chance you have of securing the booking. I always try and be speedy with my reply and keep my response friendly and informative.

I’m looking forward to getting some bookings confirmed and hope that our initiatives work. What do you do to try and appeal to early bird bookers? Any tips and advice to share with fellow homeowners always appreciated.

Good luck!