Six Tips You Need to Know for Your First Family Holiday

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Having a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t have a holiday. In fact, it’s a great excuse to go away for a week of fun with your extended family. Hiring a big chateau or cottage, or perhaps a pretty villa, is a great way for your little ones to enjoy some quality time with their grandparents, cousins and other family members. Plus with a variety of babysitters at your disposal, it means that you’re bound to get at least one night off to enjoy some time with your other half!
Picking a destination and where to stay requires a bit of consideration though, so think about the following:

1. Location
Unless you have a really well behaved baby (lucky you, if you do!) you may want to stick to short-haul destinations which require less air time, as well as accommodation within a 30 minute drive of the airport. Places like Nice and Bordeaux in France or little regions in Italy or Spain are beautiful and filled with loads of easily accessible villas and chateaus. Just click the links if you need a bit of destination inspiration.

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2. Equipment
Gorgeous infinity pools and lavish villas may have you hankering for the ‘book now’ button, but make sure you check out the list of facilities before you commit. Ensure the property is listed as child friendly, find out if cots and highchairs can be provided and try to visualise your visit there so you can think of all the practicalities.

3. Temperature
Jetting off to a sunny beach may sound like heaven, but you’ll need to think about how hot it will be during your visit. Scorching temperatures can be a little uncomfortable for adults, let alone children. If you do go for a hottie make sure you opt for high SPF sun creams, hats and obviously keep well hydrated.

4. Fun
Depending on the age of your little one(s), you may want to take advantage of properties with playgrounds or trampolines. Some even have football-tables and consoles, so make sure you do a bit of research. Also consider whether you want to be in a secluded area, making your own meals and entertainment, or whether you want to be in the hub of activity close to restaurants and cinemas. You’ll know what works best for your family.

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5. All the Family
No doubt your baby will be your number one priority, however if grandparents are joining your trip make sure you consider their needs too. Loads of properties have bedrooms on the ground floor which means that they can avoid tiresome steps. You’ll often find that a property description will highlight ease of access for the elderly, so it’s worth checking them out.

6. Flights
Spying your perfect villa or cottage is an amazing feeling, but before you click book just check out the flight times and prices. Travelling during the summer holidays will undoubtedly push the prices up so avoid this time if you can. Ryan Air and easyJet fly to so many destinations throughout Europe though, so you’re bound to find an affordable flight. Just make sure you consider the flight times. Early starts can be difficult with children, especially when you consider the check-in time and your journey to the airport. An 8am flight can end up meaning a 4am start! Most property rentals don’t allow check-in until the afternoon anyway, so you’re probably better getting a later flight.

Once you’ve thought about these things you’ll have the perfect first family holiday. Just remember your camera so you can capture those amazing memories.

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