Response rate: time for 24 hours

Response rate calculation is now 24 hoursGetting in there quick is so important when it comes to booking enquiries – replying promptly not only helps guests with their holiday planning, it also boosts your bookings. With this in mind, we’ve changed the way we calculate response rates.

From now on, when we’re working out your response rate we’re only looking at replies within 24 hours. So, if you reply after 24 hours this won’t count towards your all-important response rate percentage.

Why 24 hours?

#1 A plus for owners

This is the most compelling factor for the change. As you can see from the graph below, quick replies clearly get more bookings. And what’s more, if you reply within 6 hours your booking opportunities double!

Fast responses = more bookings

#2 A plus for guests

In our surveys, guests indicate time and again that they shouldn’t have to wait long for a reply, especially in today’s age of instant online holiday booking. And 24 hours is the maximum guests think they should have to wait.

#3 Rewards for homeowners

Reducing the timeline to 24 hours is a natural step since most homeowners already reply within 24 hours.

#4 Keeping up with the Joneses

Other holiday let listing sites have moved to 24 hours too so it makes sense to follow the market trend.

Easy does it

We know you’re busy and that it can be hard to keep up with enquiries especially if you’re not in front of your PC. So we’ve made it easy for you – these handy tools keep you in touch with your enquiries whatever you’re doing and wherever you are:

  • Smartphone app – respond instantly to enquiries as and when they happen from your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Text alerts – get an instant free SMS message the minute a guest enquires about your property.

What’s in it for me?

Double your money

We’ve said it and the graph says it too – reply within 24 hours and your bookings will increase. Reply within 6 hours and you’re looking at doubling your orange days on your booking calendar.

Climb the search

Listings with high response rate percentages will automatically appear higher on the search rankings. So more guests will see your property, increasing your booking opportunities.

Find out more

If you’d like to read more about how we calculate response rates, read our updated FAQs.

Published: 27 March 2014

4 thoughts on “Response rate: time for 24 hours

  1. Chester Owner

    I’ve advertised my holiday property and a previous one with for many years now on on an annual fee basis and I find I have increasingly more issues with the way the company is operating these days, not least with the response rate mechanism. I have never not replied to an enquiry within 24 hours and yet my rating has plummeted to 75% this week and to a customer the figure suggests that the owner only replies at all 75% of the time. (I have spoken to various clients about this and it is what they automatically assume.) I also find that a large proportion of enquiries from the UK come in late at night, after 10.30pm and the many equiries from Austrailia, New Zealand and the US can be in the middle of the night. Most days of the week I start at my desk at 6am to reply to overnight booking enquiries before getting children up for school and rushing out to work. This means that many of my enquiries are answered within about 6-8 hours and day time ones usually within minutes even if it’s just a quick message to say ‘I’ll get back to them shortly’. Does Holidaylettings forget that it’s an advertising site for holiday home owners and not large scale holiday operators with 24 hour reception staff? I work very hard to try to keep up with Holidaylettings demands and I firmly believe the response rating system is unfair to owners and misleading to customers. Because I’m an annual payment customer of Holidaylettings and pay up front every year for my advertising, I’m privileged to have sight of the enquirer’s telephone number and personal email address from the outset. I am then able to make personal contact with the guest and nurture their requirements through consistent personal contact and individual customer service from booking to departure. I have now started to add to my correspondence a request that all further communication is sent direct to me and not via the Holidaylettings system as each new message as the booking progresses flags up as a new enquiry. This means that a simple message saying “thank you” demands that I send an unnecessary reply simply to clear my Holidaylettings dashboard of seemingly unanswered requests to keep the response rate up. This is an inconvenience, a ridiculous waste of time and more unwanted pressure being imposed. Holidaylettings need to realise that we owners have lives and responsibilities outside of being holiday home owners and not everyone wants to be part of a de-humanising computerised system.

    1. Kate

      Hi Chester. Thanks for your comments. We’re really sorry to hear that you’re dissatisfied. A member of our customer services team is going to give you a call to discuss all the points you’ve raised and explain our reasoning behind them. Thank you.

      1. Fiona P

        I would just like to say that I totally agree with the comments made by Chester Owner above. I have advertised with HL for a few years now and I am finding that I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with them. I always reply to my enquiries directly from my email inbox, and after a recent enquiry, went to my HL account to update my calendar….only to find that my Response Rate had dropped significantly. When I checked my Inbox, there was an enquiry which had been there for 10 days, but somehow had never arrived by ordinary email, so of course I had not responded to it. I used the email address given to contact them directly and to apologise for not having been in touch. I then decided to “test” my account by sending myself an enquiry from another email address – I received that one without issue and replied directly from my usual email account. By doing this, I then discovered that the response received by my potential clients contains a link to my HL account! I contacted HL (which in itself is very difficult – I eventually got through on the phone after a lengthy wait – but think I might have been connected to India) and they were not able to fathom out why this would have happened, but assured me it would be looked into. I have since replied to another couple of enquiries (both within 2 hours) and my response rate has not moved at all. It is very frustrating. It is suggested that you can reply from the app – but this itself has issues too. The dates shown on the summary inbox, do not correspond with the dates on the enquiry itself – each date is “off” by one day – every single time. So if a client wants to enquire about 7th-14th July, the inbox summary will state 6th-13th July. I reported this several months ago, and was asked to send screen shots from my phone, which I did, but nothing has changed. I am almost at the point where I wonder if it is worth renewing my annual subscription. I do not get as many enquiries as I used to, because of the way the system seems to filter the results, and also feel as though as Owners, we are not being looked after in the same way as the guests who are shopping for a holiday.

        1. Kate

          Hello Fiona. Thanks for your comments. We’re really sorry to hear that you’re feeling frustrated. We’re going to call you so we can discuss your feedback over the phone. Many thanks. Kate.


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