Shopping in the city

London city breaksLondon

London really is a shopaholic’s dream to suit every budget and style. If it’s shabby-chic and vintage pieces you’re hankering for, head to the world famous Camden, Portobello and Brick Lane markets.

Visit Oxford Street where you’ll find one and a half miles of shops to satisfy shoppers looking for famous high-street brands. For a bit of indulgence and street entertainment along the way, try Covent Garden and Seven Dials with its boutiques, beauty parlours and five-star brasseries.

Shop for stays in London.

Edinburgh shopping tripsEdinburgh

Why Holiday Lettings saves you money

Why Holiday Lettings Saves You Money

Picture this typical travel scenario: you’ve been dreaming of travelling to London your entire life. You’ve finally saved up a bit of money and are in place where you’ll have the time to make the journey.

Maybe you’ve just graduated college, maybe you’re due for a career break, maybe you’re in need of a major soul-searching journey that will change your life forever.

Then you go online and look at hotel prices, and quickly realize that instead of a month in London, you can afford….oh, maybe two days. Three if you don’t eat.

Make your mother’s day

It’s Mother’s Day in the USA tomorrow, but if you’re based in the UK along with the flowers and card, why not treat Mum to a mini-break? We have got great ideas for activities and places to stay, all guaranteed to make this Mothering Sunday one your Mum will remember.

Shop till she drops

Few countries do shopping quite like the UK and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to giant shopping malls where Mum can shop to her heart’s content. One of the country’s biggest is at Bluewater in Kent, home to a massive 330 shops and over 50 eateries. Not to mention the surrounding lakes and parkland, perfect for a relaxing stroll after some hard shopping.

5 pricing tips for more bookings

Don't miss out on bookings - read our top tips for pricesHow much will it cost? Alongside ‘Where is it?’ it’s the burning question guests ask when they’re booking a holiday.

So do guests get the answer when they click Prices on your ad? If they don’t you’re wasting their time and yours. But most of all, you’re losing out on bookings and revenue.

With online booking guests can query the price by entering their holiday dates and number of guests. However some guests will look at your table of prices if they’re not quite ready to book so it’s still important for the prices to be crystal clear.

French stamp duty increased by 0.71%

French stamp duty increase March 2014Buying a property in France? Then it’s worth being aware that French stamp duty, or taxe de publicité foncière, increased by almost 1% on 1 March. Find out more about the change and which regions have opted out.

The increase of 0.71% is applied to the sale price of all completed purchases (actes authentiques) that take place from 1 March 2014. The rise only affects properties built at least five years ago (a lower rate applies to newer properties, which hasn’t been changed).

A temporary rise?

The extra money generated from the increase will be going to local councils, forming an important part of their budgets and compensating for reduced government grants.

New: book it on your smartphone

Browse Holiday Lettings on your smartphone

Whether you’re out and about or just need to book your holiday in a hurry, you can now do it in super-quick time via your smartphone on

Our newly designed smartphone-friendly site responds to the size of your iPhone or Android device, tablet or computer screen, letting you easily find and book a holiday retreat, whenever and from wherever you are.

Previously, searching via your smartphone would have redirected you to a slimmed-down mobile version of our site. But now you have instant access to all the menus, features and latest updates in a space that works for whatever gadget you’re using.

Stay up to date with your dates

Keep your up to date to avoid disappointing travellersSearching for a holiday can be time-consuming, especially when your plans aren’t flexible and you have specific dates in mind. There’s nothing worse for travellers after finding the right place to stay and requesting to book it, to then discover that it isn’t available.

In fact, out-of-date calendars are a massive time-waster and the number one guest complaint. Plus they’re a sure-fire way of missing out on bookings.

Easy to update

But the good news is it’s really easy to keep your calendar up to date on Holiday Lettings and make sure you maximise your booking opportunities.

Driving in Spain: changes to traffic laws

Car in TenerifeNew traffic rules came into play on 21 April affecting pedestrians, drivers and cyclists in Spain.

If you’re planning on holidaying in Spain, or visiting your Spanish holiday home, it’s worth making a note of the changes so you’re not caught out with a fine.

Driving in Spain

New speed limits

In some urban areas, e.g. around schools, speed limits have been lowered from 50kph (31mph) to 20kph (12mph).

Children in cars

Only children over 1.35m tall (4ft 5in) can travel in the front seat of a car. Children under this height must sit in the back.

School holidays in Wales 2014 & 2015

School holiday dates 2014 & 2015Fancy a family break during the school holidays? If you’re based in Wales, see when the kids are free by taking a look at our up to date list of the Welsh school holidays for 2014 and 2015.

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School holidays in Wales 2014

Summer half term Sat 24 May 2014 – Sun 1 June 2014
Summer holidays Tue 22 July 2014 – Sun 31 August 2014

French school holidays 2014 & 2015

School holiday dates 2014 & 2015Booking a family holiday? If you’re based in France, then take a look at the French school holiday dates for 2014 and 2015 to see when the children will be free.

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French school holidays 2014

Spring holidays (Easter) Sat 26 April 2014 – Sun 11 May 2014
Long Ascension weekend Thu 28 May 2014 – Sun 1 June 2014
Summer holidays Sat 5 July 2014 – Mon 1 September 2014