New look menus in your account

New look menu in your Holiday Lettings accountLogged in recently? Then you’ll have seen it. Bigger, bolder, brighter and – here comes the best bit – easier.

No idea what we’re talking about? The main menu in your Holiday Lettings account has a brand new look, designed to make things clearer and easier for you when you’re managing your holiday let listing.

Log into your account and you’ll see what we mean.

Easy access

Want to get to your Dashboard? You can access it at any time by clicking on the bright blue home icon in the top left corner of the new header.

Easy listings

Need to update your prices? Add a photo? Buy a Late Deal? Just click on Properties on the header to do everything you need to your listing.

While you’re there: Make sure your calendar and prices are bang up to date. And why not ask a guest for a review?

Properties menu

Easy bookings

Want to view your current bookings? See recent ones? Click on Bookings on the header to see where you’re at with all your bookings, past and present.

While you’re there: Check out your income so far this year.

Bookings menu

Easy replies

Need to reply to a booking request? Confirm dates for a guest? Click on INBOX (envelope icon) to stay in touch with your guests.

While you’re there: Make sure you’ve replied to all enquiries.

Inbox menu

Easy info

Changed your bank details? Need help with your listing? Click on Account to change your details and access our help section.

While you’re there: Check your email and mobile phone number details are correct.

Account menu

Response rate

You can’t miss this one – YOUR RESPONSE RATE shows the percentage of your replies to enquiries within 24 hours. And in orange for extra visibility.

While you’re there: Bump up your percentage – get free SMS alerts every time a guest sends an enquiry about your property – log in and go to Account > Verify your mobile number. Or download our smartphone app.

Why not log in now and take a look round?

Published: 2 April 2014

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