Make the most of your Holiday Lettings advert

Draw holidaymakers to your advert and boost bookings with these simple tips:


  • Pick great pictures. Your first photo should be the best as it appears next to your home summary text in the search results page – this picture has the power to draw holidaymakers to your advert. Pictures of unique selling points such as a pool, roof terrace or sea view work well, but keep it relevant to your home: those sea views will look much more appealing if your garden is also in shot.

Impress guests with your first four photos as these appear on the search results page. Choose high-quality pictures that show off different aspects of your place and really shout ‘holiday’.

Keep your photos fresh: remember, you have 24 photos to play with so why not update a few throughout the year to reflect the coming season? Quality seasonal photos really help holidaymakers to imagine what their stay will be like.

  • Write to excite. Your home summary appears next to the photo in search results – this is your chance to entice holidaymakers in around 30 words. Talk to your target audience, say what makes your place special and add keywords for a search engine boost: well-chosen words can boost your bookings.

Most holidaymakers head straight to the gallery before reading the rest of your advert, so use captions to set that holiday mood. Rather than simply writing “Terrace”, why not “Start the day with breakfast in the sun”?

  • Consider how your ad looks at a glance. Guests browse lots of ads before choosing which to read in depth. Try looking at your ad in the search results; does it jump out at you? If everyone else has a pool picture, maybe your beautiful bedroom will catch the eye?

Refine your search data, add reviews and keep your prices competitive to stand out in the search results and tempt holidaymakers to pick you out of the crowd.

  • Draw on local knowledge. Tell holidaymakers about things to do in your area to tempt them to book. Many holidaymakers want to go beyond the guidebook’s advice and your local knowledge can give your place an edge over the competition.
  • Collect reviews from your previous guests are so powerful. That extra testimonial could persuade a holidaymaker to book your home over another, so get collecting! Ask your happy guests to write a review for you through the Reviews page in your account. Find out more about collecting reviews.
  • Keep your pricing structure simple and easy to follow. Make sure your table is as short as possible and group time periods together giving them a name for easy reference. E.g. ‘Summer’ or ‘High season’. The easier your pricing is to understand, the better the experience for the guest.

10 thoughts on “Make the most of your Holiday Lettings advert

  1. dr. carol cressy, Ed.D.

    Prices cut drastically to attract new renters! Casa Carolinda is the “real Italian deal,” where they make their own tomato sauce and wine! Introdacqua is a friendly, medieval town that is a delight to be in! It is in the Abruzzi Mountains, 2 hours from Rome. a half hour from Lake Scanno and Roccoraso Ski Resort. Markets 5 minutes away in Sulmona and in Introdacqu offer unique items and fresh foods! Enjoy relaxing from 1pm to 4:30 when everything except ristorantes are closed. Stroll in Sulmona at 4:30pm for gelato and Introdacqua piazzas at 10pm.

  2. Georgy Phillips

    Hi We are new to this and would like to shortly begin advertising our properties. Can you advise what happens at the point of booking. Do guests use your booking forms/contracts or ours. Do we need to have a card facility or do you process all of the card payments etc through your site? Many thanks

    1. Kate Harries Post author

      Hi Georgy. We process all of the card payments for you and offer Payment Protection for your guests. Take a look at this guide which will answer your questions: You can also check out our FAQ section for more info. If you’d like to speak to someone about listing with us, please feel free to call us too Thanks. Kate.

  3. Faith Stickland

    Not sure how this all works. If someone makes a booking can it go through a holiday company? My property is with West Bay Club on the Isle of Wight.

    1. Kate Harries Post author

      Hello Anna. Sorry to hear that. It sounds like there might be a technical problem going on there. Please contact our customer services team and they’ll be able to look into this for you: Thank you.

  4. David Robertson

    I have ten different style properties at different prices. What is the best way I can advertise these with you. Your form is a bit restrictive and I am unable to reflect this information. Thank you.

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi David. The best way is to have a dedicated advert for each property, so you’ll need 10 adverts. It’s free to list and you just pay 3% on the bookings you receive so it doesn’t affect the cost. Please contact us if you have any questions about getting started and we will be happy to help: Many thanks, Kate.

    1. Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

      Hi Janet, yes you can pay once a year. When you sign up, choose the annual listing.


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