Marketing your holiday home on Pinterest


Still a relatively new social media platform (launched January 2011), Pinterest is growing rapidly and has over 17 million users.

Full of clear, crisp images, Pinterest lets you share pictures of your holiday home and area so that others can exchange ideas about where they want to go on holiday. You can set up categorised pages called ‘boards’ and ‘pin’ pictures to them. You can upload pictures of your own and pin other pictures that you’ve found on the web and want to share. Pictures are shared when they are re-pinned by others with a common interest.

 Ideas for marketing your home

    • Set up a Pinterest board and pin pictures from your Holiday Lettings advert. To do this, you can install a ‘Pin-it’ button to your bookmarks toolbar. When you’re looking at your Holiday Lettings advert, click on the Pin-it button and you’ll be able to pin the photos on your advert directly to your Pinterest board. When you do this, Pinterest takes the information on where it came from, so if someone using Pinterest where to see your photo, when they click on it they’ll be taken straight to your advert where they’ll be able to read more details about your home and hopefully make an enquiry!
    • Create several boards to categorise different aspects of the holiday that you’re offering. If you have a beautiful beach nearby, you could create a board to show photos of it. You could have boards of photos for each season, such as a ‘Christmas’ board where you can display photos of your home dressed ready for guests visiting over the Christmas period. You can write descriptions for the board itself and each individual photo.
  • Re-pin pictures posted by other Pinterest users to share your interests. For instance, if your home is near a ski resort, search for the name of the resort and re-pin pictures that other people have posted. Use the search box to search for the name of the area and see if there are photos of the landscape and activities near your home that you could re-pin.

Check out the Holiday Lettings Pinterest boards and start creating some of your own.

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