My review of the new mobile app

CaptureHoliday homeowner, Rowena, reviews the new mobile app for homeowners advertising with Holiday Lettings.

I was pleased to hear about the free owner app from Holiday Lettings and keen to try it out. It’s available on iPhones and Android, it’s free to download and has been specifically designed for people who advertise their property with Holiday Lettings.

It was easy to find and download on my iPhone via the Apple app store. And if the many positive reviews are anything to go by it’s proving popular with homeowners. Once the app was downloaded all I needed to do was enter my advertiser ID and password, confirmed I wanted to receive alerts and I was ready to go!

The app is easy to navigate and gives you quick access to your latest enquiries (up to four weeks), as well as availability and prices. You can also easily create a quote directly from the app and there’s quick access to the help and contact pages.

The main benefit, as I see it, is that you have your availability calendar instantly to hand, which is very convenient when you receive a new enquiry. Plus you can easily – and most importantly quickly – manage enquiries wherever you are. Personally this is a huge advantage, especially in light of the fact that many people enquire about more than one property at one time, so responding quickly is key to securing a booking.

My verdict? Anything that makes it easier for me to manage my bookings and respond quickly to enquiries gets a thumbs-up! I also think there’s potential for further developing the owner app and perhaps introducing a holidaymaker app in the future.

Have you tried the app, is it making your life easier? Let me know your thoughts…

All the best!


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