How I use Pinterest to promote my holiday home

Rowena shares about how she uses Pinterest

Holiday homeowner, Rowena, tells us how she uses Pinterest to promote her place in Cyprus. 

Pictures can tell some wonderful stories. If you see a good image of a holiday destination, you begin to visualise yourself there and imagine that you’re on holiday.

That’s why I’m a big fan of Pinterest. As a holiday homeowner I have a Facebook page for our Cyprus house and I have over 1,000 people following us on our Twitter account. Both Facebook and Twitter are a great way to promote your property, but Pinterest is the social media platform that’s beginning to get me excited. More and more people are beginning to use Pinterest and it’s becoming a valuable social media platform that we as holiday owners could be using to our advantage.

I admit, at first I didn’t really get Pinterest. What are pins, what’s it all about, why do I need an account and how would it benefit me as a holiday homeowner?

After some research, and also using Pinterest to start planning for our upcoming wedding, I began to understand it as the end user, looking for ideas and inspiration.

So, basically, Pinterest is an online pin board and can be used as a planning tool. A means to find images that give you inspiration. For example, if you’re getting married you can search for wedding images to get ideas for your own big day. Or (more importantly for us holiday homeowners) if you’re planning a trip or holiday you can search for destinations to give you ideas of where to go and what to do.

A pin is quite simply a picture, illustration or an image. If you see a picture you like you ‘pin it’ to a board. You can create ‘boards’ to save your pins, so for example, if you were planning a holiday to Cyprus, you could create a board and name it ‘Cyprus Holiday’. You could then simply search ‘Cyprus’ and see what images appear. Any that you like you can pin to your ‘Cyprus Holiday’ board.

Now if you’re a holiday homeowner you can create boards and upload your own images of your holiday home and the surrounding area. You can add the source of the picture, i.e. your website, to try and direct traffic to your holiday home.

For an example of how I’m using Pinterest, have a look at my Cyprus board:

I’ve started with a basic board for Cyprus images – pictures we’ve taken whilst out and about in the surrounding area of our holiday home. However, there is so much more we could do.

For some ideas for creating boards why not try:

  • Local wine and cuisine (pictures of local dishes, local vineyard tours, etc).
  • Local festivals and events
  • Sea and mountains (beach photos, scenic views)
  • Relaxation (local spas, people relaxing by the pool)
  • Golf and sports (local golf courses, tennis, horse riding, mountain biking, etc)

There’s so much you can do on Pinterest and at the very least it helps you sort out your photos, so if you haven’t already, why not give it a try.

All the best!


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