Guest reviews – how many do you have?


Collecting reviews from people who have stayed at your place is one of the best ways to promote it to future guests. Some guests may leave a review on your advert without any prompting from you, but actively encouraging feedback from all guests can be really valuable for your business. Reviews are an unrivalled marketing tool and they’ll also give you ideas to improve the holiday experience for your guests.

  • Collect reviews as you go. Reviewing a home is quick and easy, and many of your guests will be familiar with the process. After each guest has checked out, send them an email (including a link to your advert) asking them to review their stay. If guests email you directly with their feedback, thank them and encourage them to write their review on TripAdvisor.
  • Leave some business cards in your holiday home. Include your contact details, a picture of your home, a link to your advert and a request to leave a review after their stay. This will remind guests about their holiday and might prompt them to leave a review when they get home.
  • Engage the entire group. If you’ve had a large group to stay, ask the party organiser to encourage each guest to review their holiday. Alternatively, ask the organiser if their friends would be happy to be contacted by you, so you can prompt them individually.

For many people, booking a holiday is the largest online purchase they will make in a year. Reviews are a vital part of the research and booking process, so having them on your advert means holidaymakers are much more likely to send you an enquiry.

9 thoughts on “Guest reviews – how many do you have?

  1. Marian Fraser

    We always ask our guests to submit a review with a link to help them. We then verify the review then wait and wait and wait and nothing appears. It’s now well over 6 weeks since our guests who stayed in July very kindly took the time to write a review which we then verified but has still not appeared in our property listing. We are very unhappy with the time it takes Trip Advisor to apply the reviews. Before Trip Advisor got involved we could easily post the review ourselves onto the ‘Guest’s page’ but this page was removed and we had to follow your new and I must say pretty unsuccessful method. We are disappointed with all this and the fact that it is practically impossible to contact Holiday Lettings directly by phone or email to voice our concerns.

  2. Myriam Decalf

    Bonjour je suis venue déja deux fois aux Arcades a Fayence chez M. et Mme Arlot. une fois l’été dernier en août 2012, et a Pâques cette année. l’accueil est toujours aussi chaleureux !!!!!( avec leurs petites attentions dans leur frigo, leur confiture) Que dire de leur appartement qui offre tout le confort que des vacanciers veulent espérer et trouver : calme, piscine, parking !!! la région de Fayence est superbe… je recommande à tout ceux qui veulent passer de douces vacances d’aller aux Arcades a Fayence chez M. et Mme Arlot. au plaisir de vous rencontrer … j’y retourne cet été avec le plus grand des plaisirs. La famille Decalf

  3. Karen Thorwid

    This is our first year with holiday lets and we have taken several different options to advertise our property. If we have guests who come independently or through another source (for example Homeaway) can we ask them to write a review on your site or is it exclusively for Holiday Lettings/Trip Advisor clientele?

  4. Pauline

    How long does it take for a trip adviser review to be shown on my ad. How do I know if one has been sent in.

  5. Nigel McKinley

    Can my reviews on Tripadvisor be imported into the Holiday Lettings site, or do I need to ask the same people to resubmit their Tripadvisor reviews to Holiday Lettings. (not something I would personally do if asked!!)

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Nigel. It depends on the type of TripAdvisor listing. Please contact the customer services team through the ‘Get in touch box’ so we can take a look into this for you:

  6. Jane Ford

    I have been trying to get some reviews on my page for ages. Firstly I contacted a few of last years visitors. A couple of them came back to me to tell me the site didn’t work. After enquiring to you, it was supposedly fixed so I contacted the visitors again. It still didn’t work. I tried it myself and ditto. Then it was finally fixed and I tried it myself up to the final send and it seemed ok. You offered to contact the visitors on my behalf but since then I have heard nothing. I have not had many enquiries from your site and this is probably a factor. So what can I do now??

  7. Precious Duntley

    Nice coverage of the topic here. Guest blogging is a really good way to create a wider recognition for your brand.


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