Collect TripAdvisor reviews: now’s the perfect time

TripAdvisor reviewsIt’s peak lettings season for many of you, so what better time to build up your reviews? Every guest you host has the power to bring you more bookings, so go ahead and ask each one to tell the world how great their break was.

Travellers love guest reviews

Most people now use online travel companies to search for their perfect break. And these days, holidaymakers want to see what their peers had to say before spending their hard-earned cash. For them, the best self-catering properties will have a thumbs-up from previous guests, so display holiday reviews and give brand new guests the confidence to choose you.

How do I collect TripAdvisor reviews?

You can collect reviews in two ways.

1. Send a sample email

  • Log in to your Dashboard and choose Reviews from the menu at the top
  • Click on the Collect Reviews tab
  • Choose View sample email to read the pre-written message for guests – simply close the window when you’re done
  • Choose Send request to enter the email address(es) of previous guests, then hit the green button to send the message to all guests in the list

2. Send a personalised email

If you prefer, you can send your own message from your Inbox or personal email account – include a link to your advert and ask your guests to leave a review.

What else can I do?

Don’t miss an opportunity to gather feedback. Put postcards in your property with a link to your listing and a request to leave a review. You can also print this info on personalised business cards for guests to take away with them.

Once you’ve got a batch of great reviews, why not add quotes from your favourites to your business cards, brochures and other marketing materials? Don’t be shy – if you’ve earned the accolades you might as well use them to impress new guests.

Why bother with reviews?

  • A good reputation inspires confidence: collect a review from each happy customer and you can grow your bookings as well as your fan base!
  • Reviews get you seen: having reviews on your listing gives you a better ranking in search results, which means more attention for your property and more chance of filling those empty slots.

Our short video gives you step-by-step help with collecting reviews. Also see our extra tips on collecting guest reviews.

One thought on “Collect TripAdvisor reviews: now’s the perfect time

  1. Andrew Dhabi

    It is always a good idea to get onto tripadvisor as a lot of people review sites like this before booking anywhere to see if they are any good or not. So getting a positive response on here for your resort or hotel is always a good idea


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