How to collect TripAdvisor reviews (and boost bookings!)

TripAdvisor reviewsWe all love to know what other people think. When we’re making a decision on where to stay, hearing from previous guests can really sway our choice and:

  • Give real insight into a stay at your property
  • Boost guests’ trust and confidence, increasing your chances of securing a booking
  • Push your ad up the search rankings when guests are sorting their results by ‘number of reviews’.
  • Improve guests’ experiences by helping you to make changes to your offering

To get guest reviews on your ad, we’ve got all the info you need:

How to collect reviews

1. Send an email through your Holiday Lettings Dashboard

  • Log in to your Dashboard and go to Properties > Manage your reviews
  • Click on the Collect Reviews tab
  • Click on View sample email to read the pre-written message for guests. Simply close the window when you’re done
  • Select Send request to enter the email address(es) of previous guests, then hit the green button to send the message to all guests in the list

2. Send a personal email

For that personal touch, you can send your own message from your Inbox or personal email account. Reply to a previous email/message from the guest you want to contact to ask them to write a review and include a link to your advert (eg.

Need some pointers for the personal email? Use this template.

Need more help?

Read more about how the Reviews page works, see our tips for responding to reviews and check out our help section.

13 thoughts on “How to collect TripAdvisor reviews (and boost bookings!)

  1. Raymond Mc Gough

    I have two recent reviews from guests to which ive responded but waiting for both to go live Tourism to Egypt has Been very bad for the past few years due to political unrest now that tourists are gradually returning I think recent reviews should be prioritised and published quicker If a guest sees that people are booking then they will book I’ve got 6 good reviews but all old ones Please post the two which are recent Ray

    1. Kate Harries Post author

      Hello. Your reviews should appear on your Holiday Lettings advert as well as your TripAdvisor one, however, it can sometimes take a few days to update. Please contact our customer services team and they can take a look into this for you. Thanks. Kate.

  2. patricija

    Hi, I have a problem. I have just done something I shouldn’t have done this way and would like it to be erased. It has to do with the review for this property of mine . I posted a review from a guest but from my email address. This is a way how I do it on different site so I forgot about the rules here. Could this be somehow fixed? Thank you, Patricija p.s. Is it possible to gain reviews from different site?

  3. Ian

    I am about to place an ad for my villa on this website and wondered if previous guests could write a review retrospectively. I have rented my villa out successfully for a number of years either by word of mouth or through agencies but not through tripadvisor/holidaylettings and some of these people say they would be willing to add reviews on Tripadvisor/Holidaylettings about the time they stayed in my villa. Is this permissable?

    1. Kate Post author

      Hello Ian. Glad to hear you’ll soon be joining us. Yes, that’s fine. It doesn’t matter how your guest booked or where they booked, you can ask them to leave a review on your listing. Guests that have stayed at your home in the last year can write a review. For more info on reviews, see our other blog posts: Thanks, Kate.

  4. Roberto

    Hello, In your help section you mention that I can transfer other TripAdvisor reviews to my advert. I have another TripAdvisor ID for the same apartment (via FlipKey) with already 5 reviews. How can I transfer them to my holidaylettings TripAdvisor ID? Thank you for your support! Roberto

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Roberto. Please contact us here: and provide us with your Holiday Lettings advert ID, your FlipKey advert ID and a link to your listing with the reviews on TripAdvisor. We can then look at transferring them for you. Many thanks. Kate.


    i have received my first review – i would like to see it appear on the holiday lettings page but it is not what do i need to do? chris

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Chris. To have your review appear on your Holiday Lettings advert, your guest needs to submit it via TripAdvisor. Here’s how they do it (you could provide them with this link): And here’s some information for you about how the whole process works: Many thanks. Kate.

  6. Karen Robinson

    My comments are similar to Angelas above. My holiday cottage has only been open since February and we have had some fabulous reviews however I still suspect that you are not posting up all that are submitted. All of my guests are contacted after their stays to request a review and most do on both the TripAdvisor website and Owners Direct. It seems though that whilst reviews are regularly posted to my Owners Direct account there are very few which make it to TripAdvisor. I understand that you must vet each review for originality and ensure that they are genuine, however as a new business that relies on word of mouth and good reviews for repeat and new business TripAdvisor are certainly not actively assisting me to promote my business if they do not accept the very genuine and accurate reviews which my guests leave.

  7. Angela Bunting

    I am a holiday cottage owner This year I have sent out many many request a review to my guest. They are not being sent out by you. Last year I had 17 reviews, all brilliant and I replied to all of them. What is happening? Help please Angela Bunting

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Angela. Reviews can sometimes take a few weeks to come through, especially in busy seasons. Please take a look at our blog post on how the reviews process works from start to finish: Thanks, Kate.


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