Collect reviews with our email template

If you have time, it’s worthwhile sending a personalised email to all of your guests on the day after check-out. Many of our advertisers tell us that they have the biggest uptake when requesting reviews this way because the email comes directly from you and they’ll probably recognise your email address. As an example, you could write something like:

Dear [insert guest’s name here],

Thank you for staying at our home in [location here]. It was lovely to accommodate you and we do hope you enjoyed your stay.

We’d really appreciate it if you could spare some time to write a review of your holiday on our advert at the following link:[insert Home ID here]. Simply click on write a review at the top of the page to write your review via TripAdvisor. It doesn’t take long to do and we would love to receive your comments as it helps us to keep improving our service.

Need help collecting reviews? Find out more.

3 thoughts on “Collect reviews with our email template

  1. Pattie Sidwell

    I have only just joined Holiday Lettings on a free listing basis from another website because of weaknesses in their website causing problems. However so far I have discovered the same issue regarding reviews as the previous writer (guests happy to write reviews but not realising they would be required to join either Facebook or Trip Advisor) whilst it says ‘it is a simple process’. In addition my first review was verified by me and yet has still not appeared on my property site. Given also the very bad reviews about your ipad app. and the fact that I am unable to alter the order of my photos on my ipad I am feeling that I have gone ‘ from the frying pan into the fire’ !!! Would like to hear I am wrong!

  2. Marian

    Last week we asked clients by personal email to review our property. They very kindly took the time to write a review through Holiday Lettings/Tripadvisor only to find at the end of it all they had to sign into Facebook (they don’t have an account and don’t want one) or Trip Advisor, again they don’t have an account and don’t want one! This for me is a real embarrassment! After people have taken the time to review a property they should simply be able to submit the review to Holiday Lettings website who then send it to me for verification of their stay. I’m really disappointed with this.

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Marian. I can understand your (and your guests’) frustration at missing out on this review, but there’s a very good reason why people leaving a review are asked to sign into TripAdvisor/Facebook: it’s to make sure that people can’t leave fake reviews about their own home and, more importantly, to take away complete anonymity which could lead to misuse of the system. If you want to tweet on twitter, post on facebook or leave comments about establishments on on the web, you’ll usually be asked to sign in or sign up in some way or another. For more info on reviews, please see our help section: Thanks, Kate at Holiday Lettings.


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